Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my payment is secure?

Cycle Tours Ireland partner with Paypal. This is a worldwide secure payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods. Customers can pay via the Paypal link using all the major credit cards . Please note you dont have to have a Paypal account to complete a  transaction.

What do I bring on my bike?

While on the bike please bring a light waterproof jacket with an extra layer of clothing  as weather in Ireland is changeable.

What months of the year do our tours run?

Our main tours run from March to October but can accommodate tours off season with notice in advance.

Can I bring my own Bike?

Yes and we can arrange collections and transfers to Airports if required.  Cycle tours Ireland can also arrange bike transfers to Ireland and back for larger groups.  Please enquire on our booking form.

Can i do my own tour?

Yes we can accommodate different tours including accommodation, bike and luggage transfers.

Do we do guided tours?

Yes with our experienced groups we provide guides with 8 or more in a group.  With our family and leisure tours we provide guides with smaller groups. Please note guides are an additional price to rates on our standard pricing model.

What about Insurance?

Insurance is not included as part of the tour price. Please ensure you have your own travel insurance in place before arrival.

Can I do a cycling tour with my kids?

Yes we have tailor made family tours for younger kids. Our leisure tours are designed for older kids once accompanied by an adult.

Which tour fits me best

We have provided a range of tours that we feel fits all ages and fitness levels.  We note gradient levels on our tours. Electric bikes are recommended if you feel that some of the gradients are too high. Please call or note on the enquiry form and we will be able to advise.

We dont recommended children under 12 cycling on our leisure or experienced tours unless they have experience on open roads.  We also provide family tours to suit that are not advertised on our site. Please enquire.